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It realizes quick measurement with super-resolution images within 30 seconds through TRUE fan-beam technique using a 64-channel linear array detector. Raw mode images provided in this way not only increase the convenience of ROI establishment but also greatly help induce accurate diagnostic results.

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64Channel Fan Beam
DEXA Bone Mineral DensitometerScan
Area 49 Cm x 90 Cm (HBody Scan)
Scan site Spine, Femur, Forearm,Lateral Spine, LVA, Body composition
High Quality X-Ray Image
X-ray Tube: Toshiba (Japan)
Detector: CZT Kromek (USA)
Base Unit: Medikors (Korea)


It is a 64-channel true fan-beam bone mineral density measurement device using a 64-channel detector and fan-beam DXA technology. By obtaining 64 data per X-ray irradiation, it successfully executes a fast scanning time of 30 seconds. It also provides authentic super-resolution images through MEDIKORS’s advanced image processing technology.

 Scan Side:AP Spine - Forearm - Femur - lateral spine - Half Body - LVA- Body Composition

Measurement:BMI-BMD-Area-TScore-Zscor-Young Reference (%)-Aged Matched(%)-Tissue Fat

 With its excellent design known for being first-in-the-world open-type design (design patent), the external structure was minimized (1850 x 800mm) and the scanning area was maximized (490 x 900mm) to improve space efficiency for convenient installation and use even in a narrow space.