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Osteoporosis is a disease that leads to a significant increase in the risk of bone fractures. The consequences of these fractures can be in the form of hospitalization, immobility and reduced quality of life. On the other hand, this disease can impose a lot of costs, either through the health care system or through absence from work. The most important way to prevent these complications is early diagnosis and treatment of the disease. However, osteoporosis is very unlikely to improve in people over the age of 30, and with medication, the increased risk can be reduced and with special care, its adverse effects can be prevented. "Bone mineral density is well associated with the risk of fracture, and this assessment can be performed without any discomfort to the patient. Although there are several methods for assessing BMD, DEXA is the best practice, performing this test with fully equipped devices." Equipped, the use of experienced personnel and experts who are skilled in interpreting the results makes this study valuable.